More then 20% of the Gas Inspections Companies in Portugal decided to use Pro-Inspector.

Published On july 2015


BIG Data: a "must do", not just a "nice to have".

Published On February 2015


CEO SPFT speaking at "Descubra as Inspecções e Auditorias do Futuro" in Lisbon, Portugal

Published On August 2014


Campaigns are the opportunity for you to win some more, in this case our discounts/offers.
Some times, this can be the “R.O.I." even before the Investment…

Become a Customer for Pro-Inspector and get a Free Surface - Valid Till December 2015

Give your Feedback for Pro-Inspector and win a chance for a Free iPad - Valid till December 2015

Do your Big Data Project with us and get the “Proof of Concepts" for Free - Valid till September 2015

SHLOKLABS offers excellent growth opportunity for the ambitious, committed and highly skilled individuals with effective communication skills, willingness to learn & share knowledge in tune with the constant changing requirements.

Check your agenda, you can’t miss these events!

November 2015 - 2ª Edição Forum da Qualidade: SPQ Expo 

SHLOKLABS will be participating in the 2nd Edition of The Quality Forum in Portugal. This is an opportunity to showcase Pro-Inspector, probably the best tool to do Inspections and Audits in today’s market.

19th November 2015 - Official launch of Pro-inspector's Mobility Windows version

After the success with mobility IOS devices, the development of a Windows version came naturally. This investment gives SHLOKLABS the ability to work with a wider range of equipment, to address more customers and to cover different and more types of inspections.


Our Solutions

At SHLOKLABS, we are proud of finding the right solution for every customer need.

We manage customer needs and expectations with the right solution from our offering.
It may be a Mobility Application from the "Pro-Inspector" Family of Products, or changing an existing one using
our development skills and expertise to fit the highest requirements.
Working in customer projects remotely, our Technical Team can help the daily operations with high standard quality work
and with the proven business model of cost reduction associated.

Mobility Solutions

Today everything is about integration, automation, speed, data and accessibility.
Now we have the right devices to work with: tablets.

At SHLOKLABS we’ve developed a software framework to make your daily activities more productive, paperless, faster and more accurate.

In the back-office component you build your checklist with the possible answers and the question’s logical flow.

You use the mobility devices to execute the operational task:
Inspections, Audits, Verifications, Contracts. (You name it, we've got it.)

Using the features of today's tablets, our front-office component let's you collect the data for each question, with photographs, Geo-referenced, send instant reports or emails, and if needed also collect signatures.

At the same time, the data can be store in the Cloud and available for future reference using the Portal component.

Check out one customer's testimonial (in this case Gas inspections - Portugal)

Customized Development

For years, customized development was the main and only offering at SHLOKLABS.

Technical knowledge, mastery of different programming languages and the will to solve any problem
using software is in our DNA.
The world evolved and with it we evolved.

Today everything is about integration, automation, speed, data and accessibility. The right software provides all this.

You want the correct data, delivered fast and integrated with your daily tasks. You need software to access it.

The hardware is stronger, better, more reliable: Mechanical becomes Digital... But software is required to run it.

At SHLOKLABS we have mastered the art of programming.
You tell us your needs, and we develop the customized solution for your demand.

Optimal Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing has come a long way from being just a cost cutting measure to becoming a strategic decision aimed at more than just mere cost.

At SHLOKLABS we took it a little further. We made it Optimal!
Outsourcing helps companies to retain focus on core-business, obtain faster response time, scalable rapidly based on changing market scenarios, have ready access to expertise in wide range of cutting edge technologies, high quality products and services delivered quickly and efficiently. The Optimal Outsourcing does all off this but evolved to respond to the natural change resistance that often occurs, addressing the communications issues that sometimes are the only argument to delay the inevitable.

Our end to end solutions have a robust architecture, helping you focus on your operations while we manage your outsourcing needs.

Our 24 x 7 professional helpdesk assists you round the clock for all your technical support and diagnostic requirements.

Our successful track record across the length and breadth of the various industries stands testimony to our technology expertise.

Our optimal outsourcing services address your time-sensitive technology requirements ensuring a whopping 50% cost reductions.

Services Offered

With a wide range of IT services at Shloklabs, we believe that our focus and expertise will be the
differentiating factors for exceeding delivery.

After years of ongoing monitoring, keeping abreast with the latest market trends,
focusing on continuous learning and knowledge sharing within the IT development community,
listening programmers, technicians, customers and other partners,
we can finally be considered as experts in Mobility Solutions.


Big Data



Application Development


Mobility Services

SHLOKLABS has rich experience across platforms from the old to the new - Windows CE, iOS, Android, HTML5 and Universal Apps. Our enterprise mobility solutions are powerful because of technical expertise and strong domain knowledge and have a positive impact on your business profitability.

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Big Data Services

The lifecycle of Big Data services at SHLOKLABS includes evaluation of requirement, formulation of strategies and its execution, and support functions. Using the best suited technology platform, every solution is tailored to meet the exact needs of the business, evaluating your data and bringing order to them in the process. The result is data visualisation, which equips you with business intelligence to make well informed decisions.

We have a proven development model at work, serving the industry for a relatively long time.

SHLOKLABS solutions enhance the bottom lines of customers by eliminating process inefficiencies, improving supplier collaboration and elevating overall service.

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Cloud Services

Maximising the use of computing power and the effectiveness of shared data storage is what Cloud computing is all about. On the cloud, companies rent processing power or data storage based on their business requirements. The process of deploying the organisation’s IT infrastructure, software and resources through the cloud is cloud enablement. More and more businesses are turning to the cloud because a decentralised approach seems to be the golden ticket. The benefits amongst others include flexibility, low maintenance and sustainability. A great saver to big corporations, the trend is soon catching up with the smaller ones but with the usage varying.

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IOT Services

The internet of things (IoT) has invaded lives in more ways than one. An indispensable part of everyday living, there seems to be scores of IoT devices found the world over. When it comes to businesses, the Internet of Things is really coming together with the connection of people, sensors, and machines of all kinds. The information that these IoT devices gather isn't worth anything, unless one has the right infrastructure to evaluate them. Arming you with complete and sophisticated solutions is SHLOKLABS.

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Application Development Services

Often, organisations look for technology that can help them optimise their business in addition to just smooth functioning. An off-the-shelf product may not fulfil your specific business needs, or the product may not be flexible enough or may not have all the features you are looking for. In this scenario customised application development is the only way out.

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Migration Services

With rich experience in migrating enterprise applications across technology platforms, SHLOKLABS’ relentless focus is on VB, ASP and SYBASE to .Net migration. Standing proof to its expertise is the migration of the enterprise application for one of Portugal’s major insurance companies. The solutions offered by the company cover every necessary aspect of migration to ensure a zero transition disruption migration.

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Recent Works

At SHLOKLABS we value the knowledge and the experience gained through work in customer projects.

We manage our technical resources to provide the customer with the best team to succeed.
From our expert pool of Software Analysts and Developers we find the necessary skills to meet customer requirements.
From over 10 years of work experience in customer projects around the world, we choose some representative examples.
We let experience and customers be the best reference of SHLOKLABS’ capabilities.

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