Food Prepared by Technology
Yes, you read that right!


Client is the South India’s leading and & upcoming food service provider. They serve customers with fresh food from desired brands across the city , hygienically packed and served hot with no waiting time (under 90 seconds). They have 18 outlets currently in India in the major cities like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. They also have operations in Singapore and they have a plan to scale up to 200 outlets in next 6 months down the line.


Initially the technology infrastructure was a regular client server model with a Client PC (and all associated infrastructure) at every store, all stores connected to a Central Server on the cloud. It was an easy task for the client to manage when it was 2 outlets, down the line when the number of outlets and franchisee got big they experienced complications on managing technology infrastructure at the outlets If solved can provide a great competitive advantage over their competitors.

Solution Provided

The solution was to replace the conventional infrastructure with a one based entirely on IoT. Every process including Sales order, purchase order will be become centralized where the SHLOKLABS provides the organization with the ability to connect on centralized platform and link all the outlets in the same network, allowing revolutionary data sharing within the organizational ecosystem. Additionally, SHLOKLABS IOT Solution fosters unprecedented connectivity at nearly every part of the Food supply chain. The system not only monitors the Sales and Purchase, but also gives stakeholders across the industry the ability to obtain and analyze real-time data for forecast planning for their day to day operations.

Results & Business Benefits

As a result, cost of technology has come down drastically, solutions remains extremely robust and the business has become highly scalable