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Bureau Veritas a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification services that adopted. Pro-Inspector as their internal operational tool for field inspections in several departments, allowing the field team to be more efficient by using mobile devices in their daily operations and make the business digital.

When processing a large number of similar data, the probability for mistakes increase and even double if we need to register everything on paper. It doubles again if we need to deliver the results fast due to customer requirements.

Pro-Inspector can meet customer requirements, by improving efficiency and speed maintaining a mistake free environment.


Bureau Veritas needed to retrieve field data measurement from thousands of Customer urban devices located across Spain continent and islands.

All the devices are very similar, and some are very close from each other. The field data measurements are also very similar one another, what increases the need for a digital process rather than a paper based one.


It’s a very simple work process, but handles a lot of small figures data: Inspector’s needs to travel to the device, make sure it’s the right one, read the measurement, register the value, check the overall status of the device, and in case of damage, photo to evidence (metadata of GPS location and timestamp), and move to the next.

Our Approach

SHLOKLABS approached the above challenges in the following ways, We suggested Pro-Inspector to Bureau Veritas Spain. In the BACKOFFICE we configure the device types as Objects and known locations. The checklist was very simple with 3 questions only, and it could be used by a smartphone. The field team where divided into regions and the routes where planned in the BACKOFFICE. No need to use the WEB PORTAL, because at the end the devices inspection data was exported to a MS-Excel file and delivered to the final customer. No single device report, only a daily activity report and a specific highlight on the damaged devices, with photo evidence.

The Results

Bureau Veritas managed to make a device inventory, collecting data from the field and checking the device status on more than eleven thousand devices ( + 11.000) in little over 6 months with only 4 inspectors in all Spain.

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