Franchise Inspection
Importance of being ready



Vodafone Portugal is a Portuguese leader in mobile communications with more than 300 Stores national wide that decided to use Pro-Inspector to manage and audit their 250 Store franchise contracts with their agents and to monitoring their 50 internal stores rules and regulations. Pro-Inspector played an important role in the reorganization of the Portuguese Stores network by delivering faster and accurate information from the field teams to support the new commissions and incentives calculations.


Vodafone wanted to update their stores image and concept to meet market demands and innovation: “Are you READY?”. All the new marketing materials, business processes and training needed to be implemented across their stores network. They wanted to use the existing team of GPVs (Point of Sale Managers) to check this ongoing transformation in their normal visits. The visit needed to be faster and at the same time covering more evaluation points. Another key factor was the creation of immediate actions when detecting non-conformities. To engage all participants in the process, Vodafone wanted to reward the franchisees with a commissions and incentives plan.

Our Approach

We introduced Pro-Inspector to Vodafone. In the BACKOFFICE we configure the stores as Objects, but also the KPI for the commission and incentives plan were defined. The checklist created covered all major aspects, and allow the GPVs to do their normal standard visit without taking more time by adding more evaluation points. The GPV used iPads as mobile devices to register and collect data from the store’s visit. The BACKOFFICE also collect data by integrated several KPI info coming from different Vodafone’s departments, making all relevant data available and accessible in the same Platform. No paper, everything online like instant reports and shared information to immediate action when detecting a non-conformity.

The Results

Vodafone increased efficiency while restructuring the stores image, growth their offer and services portfolio and at the same time keeping their overall high customer satisfaction rate, helped in part by the 30% productivity raise provided by Pro-Inspector usage

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