In 2014, to celebrate the 10 years of SHLOKLABS and to thank our customers, we decided to send them a message of gratitude. The message spoke our 10-year long journey together in the form of a Christmas card. We correlated this journey with a Chinese Bamboo plant, which we, later on, thought would be the messenger we were looking for to convey a “thank you” to our customers.
After that, we bought 100 odd Chinese Bamboo plants to give to our customers. We met with all our customers, partners, friends and mentors in Portugal, France, and Belgium respectively, who had traveled along with us on this 10-year journey of the company.
The real intent in us giving these gifts was just to say “thank you”. We were always aware that gifts are quite sensitive and at all our clients, there are restricting policies with respect to receiving gifts. Because of this, the gifts we chose had to be inexpensive but at the same time they should bring about a connection with SHLOKLABS.
On the eve of next Christmas, when we were thinking about what would be the gifts to send this year, I think it was Bruno who suggested a very good idea. His words were something like this – “Why don’t we give the spices that India is famous for? After all, Vasco Da Gama came to India for its spices!” So that year and the following year, we got some carefully selected spices such as Peppers, Star anise, Juniper, Botanicals, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Roasted Cashews and most importantly Curry Powder. The biggest hits among all of these were the roasted cashews and curry powder which were loved by our customers
2018 was the year we began having a considerable customer base in India. During this time we decided to gift plants to our customers in India and maintain the same combination of spices for customers in Belgium, France, and Portugal.
In 2019, we gifted plants to our Indian customers again during which, we also got some interesting feedback in return! The most striking one of all was from a CIO at a prestigious customer who said:
“You gifted us a smaller plant last time. This year, it has grown just like your company and our relationship with it.”
S. Anantha Sayana | Chief Digital Officer – L&T

I also forgot to mention a small token of appreciation we show towards the families of each of our employees in India and that message speaks a different language altogether. I think that is something unique about us.

As for Portugal, what will we gift them this year? We’re still thinking and maybe it’s spices again or something completely different.