For the last 5 years, SHLOKLABS has made it a habit of reaching out to our customers and present them with a small gift. This year, along with our gifts, I thought of showcasing a small estimate on the number of papers we’ve helped our customers save this year.
Our digital solution – Pro Inspector is being used in multiple use cases to solve different types of business problems across various industry verticals among varying geographies across the world.

We decided to publish this estimate by taking into account the metrics from still 2021.

Just for this small period alone, Pro Inspector has helped save over 5,55,512 papers for our customers all around the globe. This is a conservative estimate based on the information available.
While this number makes us happy at the heart, for the CxO’s at our customers, this is a ‘feel-good’ factor too. Their real focus is now on productivity increase, accessibility to information, and organizational transparency. A CxO at one of our customers, notes that for every paper saved by Pro Inspector, he saves anywhere between 2-5 man hours of work. Even considering the lower limit of 2 hours, this denotes we helped our customers save 1 million of man hours worth of manual work. Wow that is amazing! Thanks to our customers for giving us the opportunity to achieve these numbers.