The Construction of the Monumental Motera Stadium – How the Quality Management is digitized easily with the help of Pro-Inspector

Gujarat is today on its way to becoming home to one of the Biggest cricket stadium in the world; the Motera Stadium. Well-equipped for both day and night games with state-of-the-art floodlights, the stadium is being redesigned currently

Vision for the Motera Stadium

The stadium rose to prominence as a project that was the brainchild for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and spearheaded by the Gujarat Cricket Association. This is a stadium that will enjoy up to 110,000 spectators, seamlessly overtaking the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

The project itself is sprawled over 63 acres of land and the total cost involved in the building is over 700 crores.
The reconstruction of the stadium has been handed over to L&T construction company. The stadium is slated to be ready in action by 2021.
Quality Management @ L&T Construction
L&T Construction has adopted Pro-Inspector to digitize its Quality Management System. Today a few 1000 users are using Pro-Inspector across most of their projects day in and day out and Motera Stadium is a unique case where the team has leveraged the platform to extensive limits.

As of 26th March 2019, Mr Kurdeep, Project Manager stated that the entire project team is going digital in all of the project areas and Pro-Inspector is a prominent tool where more than a lakh paper has been saved.

Why Pro-Inspector?
Pro-Inspector is a digital transformation suite for complete automation of Audits, Inspections and Field Services. Over the years, digital has been the talk of the town and with Industry 4.0 is on the rise, digitization is the next big thing. Coming to the QMS, they require more manpower as well as time to complete an Audit/Inspection process. Pro-Inspector was developed keeping in mind, the benefits it could give the customers while making the Audit/Inspection process less laborious and less time-consuming.
Pro-Inspector @ L&T Construction
L&T has made Pro-Inspector as their go-to QMS tool, where time spent on administrative work is now being utilized productively. Pro-Inspector covers the end to end management of the entire QMS cycle. Here is an insight into Pro-Inspector’s role in Quality Inspection for one of the processes in Construction.
Pour card Checklist Submission
The Auditor can select the relevant checklist from multiple checklists to conduct an audit and after completion of the audit, submit the inspection for approval with comments and photographic evidence
Pour card Checklist Approvals
The Approver will get notified of the submitted inspection. He/She can then review the submitted checklist and approve the same with a digital signature and immediately can view the report
Rejecting Pour card Checklists
The Approver can reject an inspection by disagreeing with any of the responses in the checklist. This rejected inspection will be reopened to the Auditor for corrective measures
Resubmitting Pour card checklists along with evidence
The Rejected inspection can be submitted again with corrective actions that can be given in the form of photographic evidence with multiple annotated photographs
Raising Non-nonconformity
Non-conformity/Observation can be raised with a due date to complete the task and information like CAPA, Severity and Priority. This task can be allotted to a concerned person in the workflow
Responding to Non-conformity
The assigned user will get immediately notified of the NC task to proceed with corrective actions. He/She can submit the task with photographic evidence
Tracking Non-conformity to closure
The Approver will get notified of the completed NC task for review and approval
The overall performance and compliance can be monitored using the global dashboard which can be configured as per the requirement. Instant report generation allows the user to send the report to anyone, anywhere in the world via email