Safety is an important aspect of every business that involves its employees to work in dangerous locations. These employees who spend a significant amount of their time in such work environments need to feel that their employers are making it a top priority to maximize safety measures around the workplace. It is also in a business’s best interest to take severe measures in minimizing workplace accidents as they can significantly hinder staff productivity and reduce profitability.
What is a Safety Management System(SMS)?
Learn what is safety management systems
A safety management system is a set of procedures used by organizations to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace. A successfully implemented safety management system can reduce work-related injuries, minimize accidental risk and also help an organization to focus its vision towards other business activities.
SMS implementation can go a long way in helping an organization with its work safety. However, it demands a lot of decision making and thinking to turn it into a desirable solution. Below listed are some of the notable obstacles faced by organizations during the implementation of SMS.
Obstacles in implementing SMS:
Learning the obstacles in implementing SMS
Organizational Commitment:
Implementing a standard Safety Management System into an organization involves commitment from all the staff who work there. It is a joint activity that flourishes in everybody’s involvement. Just having to convince everyone to follow the activity regularly can get very difficult.
Caged Solutions:
Organizations are often looking for SMS solutions that can fit right with their culture and hierarchy. It gets difficult when digital solutions don’t offer much flexibility for the needs of the organization.
Possibility to Evolve:

Organizations require solutions that not only help them tackle their existing issues but also expect them to be useful in helping with problems that may emerge in the future.

Document Control:
The SMS model thrives on document validation and approval from various staff for permitting a job to be done in a dangerous location. All the documents required during the process are really hard to maintain and fetch when desired.
Phased Implementation:
No organization wants to rush its implementation of SMS and then find fault when it doesn’t come together as planned. They would rather perform it slowly in many phases. This consumes a lot of time.
Executive Level Training:
When a new business activity enters into an existing business flow, that too replacing an old one, it may require the organization to re-train its employees to fit the new activity. Organizations aren’t mature enough for this kind of execution.
Third-Party Accessibility:
Safety Management Systems in many organizations consist of third-party interventions. It can be on the work-done side or the work approval side. Organizations want solutions that can adapt to such workflows.
Digital Safety with Pro Inspector:
The Solution to implementing SMS
Finding a perfect solution that can tackle all of the above mentioned problems is a tough task, but it is not impossible. With Pro Inspector, an enterprise digital transformation tool, all of the mundane and slow activities that are a part of the safety management system will become much quicker and efficient. Documents and even approvals will travel between staff remotely over the internet within the application to save a lot of time and help avoid unnecessary paperwork. Safety checks and inspections will happen on mobile phones or tablets replacing the less useful paper checklists. But that is not all, other significant features include:
Remote Scheduling and Approvals:
With the help of Pro Inspector, Safety Inspections and Safety Checks can be scheduled remotely ahead of time and the responsible staff will be notified of the specific tasks on their mobile phones through SMS, e-mail and push notifications. Approvals with respect to document verification will also happen remotely. All the necessary documents will be sent to the person in-charge and they can proceed to either approve or disapprove them.
Highly Flexible Solution:
In the possession of Pro Inspector, organizations no longer need to worry about default workflows or hierarchies. Both Workflows and Hierarchies can be customized within the application to fit perfectly with the current manual flow.
Document Repository:
Pro Inspector has a built-in document repository that can store all your documents to be fetched easily in the future. Documents within the application can also be assigned to specific locations so they can get accessed anytime while on those locations. These could include site maps, site papers, work permits, etc.
Ever Evolving:
Pro Inspector is a solution that does not get hindered by time; rather, it only keeps evolving further with new and fresh technology that only add onto its already giant list of features.
A Quick Fix:
Pro Inspector is a very straightforward application that transforms your business activities from manual to digital. It is a solution that can be implemented quickly into any organization with little effort and begin working seamlessly.
Train the Trainer:
With the implementation of Pro Inspector, comes a set of employee training programs that help the organizations with providing all the knowledge they require in order to operate perfectly with the application. It’s convenient and fast.
Modules and Accessibility:
The Pro Inspector application is available as a Web Portal while also being available on all Android and IOS Devices. It can be used by all the staff from the organization as well as any third party vendors who are given its access to.
Conclusion :
Now that we have a better understanding of Safety Management Systems, we can tackle the subject more confidently. We looked at it’s meaning, obstacles and lastly, it’s solution. With this, we wish you a safe business!