Digital Transformation On Quality Management System

The benefit you get going digital with PRO-INSPECTOR is uniequivocal!!
Digitize your end to end QMS lifecycle and Empower your decision making in quick time than you actually think it is possible.

Tedious process - gone. Paper work - gone. Time Consuming - gone.

100% Quality compliance - Assured. Customer satisfaction - Assured



Inspection Management

  • Take your Quality Management system to the next step with Pro - Inspector. Digitize your Inspection management seamlessely across the project sites
  • Create a multiple inspections against a job site
  • Manage all your inspections in a single screen
  • Capture and Annotate the pictures as you require
  • Register a task and send it to the respective personnel
  • View / Send the report right after the inspection completion.

You create your own Checklists

  • Checklist creation has never been eaasy before!! An Advance software with multiple features which will let you to on board of your own Checksheets easily & independently.
  • Any number of checklists can be created
  • Any type of checklists can be created ( ex: Yes , No type, free text type etc.,)
  • Upload your checklist in Excel format
  • Define the condition in the checklist that you would need during an inspection
  • Reference data / Image can be created

NCR Management

  • With Pro - Inspector NCR Management becomes easy .Avoid the serious consquences of NCR and ensure your customer satisfaction by managaing it digitally.
  • Regisiter CAPA digitally
  • Attach the photograph for the clarity
  • Notifications will be sent via Push notifications, SMS & Email
  • Monitor if the NCR has been fixed in the due date or define your Esclation metrics


  • Aadopting to the organzational workflow with the pen and papepr is a tideous process and sometimes it may be Haywire. With Digital transformation , Workflow will never be missed
  • Create your own workflow as per your business requirements
  • Tag your inspections with the pre defined workflow
  • Auto notifications will be sent to the next workflow activity
  • Select your checklists and workflow will automatically follow.
  • Define deadlines for each workflow

Analytics and Dashboards

  • Get the insights of your projects across the country / globe in seconds not in weeks / months. Prioritize the efforts , take the real time decision making and deliver impactful things.
  • Define your own KPIs
  • Configure your own reports
  • Dynamic report
  • Get visibility on top and bottom performing projects
  • Mitigate the risks & Ensure compliance

Audit Management

  • Manage your Head quarters, Cluster/ Region , Internal Audit , 3rd Party Audits effectively with our Software.
  • Schedule the Audit for the whole year with an Audit Scheduler
  • Drag and Drop
  • End to End Audit Workflow
  • Differentiate the completed and Pending Audits
  • CAPA

Online & Offline

  • No Netwrok? No problem!! Pro - Inspector's Offline mode wll allow your Site engineer to execute an inspection seamlessly.
  • Select your inspection checklist
  • Execute it offline
  • Sync the data where is network


Pro-Inspector makes your Client & Team happy. More inspections in less time, good Return-on-Investment,
100% Customer Satisfaction and a lot of value additions.


Delivers greater output with the
same time or even lesser

Quick ROI

Measure you ROI in quick time with
greater visibility


Helps you to get the 360 degree
insights in real time

Ensure compliance

Go Digital and Bring adherence in
the way you want

Minimal work force

Same work with less people in less

Elminate humar errors

Taking displinary action to elminate
the errors are gone


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