Services Offered

With a wide range of IT services these days, in SHLOKLABS we consider that the focus and expertise will be the
differentiating factors for exceeding delivery.

Mobility Services

With its limitless possibilities, mobile platforms have taken the business world by storm.

At SHLOKLABS, find the right enterprise mobility solutions to power your business.

SHLOKLABS has rich experience across platforms from the old to the new - Windows CE, iOS, Android, HTML5 and Universal Apps. Our enterprise mobility solutions are powerful because of technical expertise and strong domain knowledge and have a positive impact on your business profitability.

Power your business the iPhone way with our customized iOS Apps.

Mobilize your business towards profitability with our Android Apps.

Flawless Windows Apps that help achieve your business goals.

Sturdy enterprise mobility solutions to make you more productive.

Big Data Services

Data, when analyzed the right way, can positively impact every aspect of your business.

At SHLOKLABS, we have been offering Big Data solutions since the advent of the technology.

Harnessing and analyzing every piece of data generated is important for businesses to make informed decisions. Helping you make informed decisions all along the way is SHLOKLABS. Foresight has always been our strength. And predicting the potential and growth of Big Data, we have been offering Big Data solutions since the technology saw the light of day. Our expertise spans the three major technology platforms of Amazon Web Services, HADOOP and AZURE. With dedicated infrastructure on each of these platforms, our Big Data solutions are sophisticated and end to end.

The backbone of a multi-billion dollar business sculpted to your requirement, at reduced costs and faster turnaround times.

The power of the HADOOP ecosystem, customized to your needs with provisions for scalability.

Get the convenience of the cloud with the stability of Microsoft to ensure better business productivity.

Cloud Services

Many organizations are turning to the Cloud to capitalize on its numerous advantages.

At SHLOKLABS, we architect the right solutions for you, offering the best of these advantages.

Maximizing the use of computing power and the effectiveness of shared data storage is what Cloud computing is all about. The trend of being on the Cloud is soon catching up with smaller organizations too, but it is important for them to find the right service provider. At SHLOKLABS, we understand your business needs and device Cloud solutions that are best suited to you. With rich expertise and experience in the field, Cloud enablement is definitely one of our strengths.

Business strategy to process design, infrastructure management to training and support, we have what it takes to ensure a smooth transition to Amazon Web Services.

A knowledgeable team of Microsoft experts help migrate your business to the fully cloud based Azure technology solutions.

IoT Services

With the Internet of Things, businesses now have access to enormous volumes of data.

Be the technology tide with innovative IoT Solutions from SHLOKLABS.

The internet of things (IoT) has invaded lives in more ways than one. An indispensable part of everyday living, there seems to be scores of IoT devices found the world over. When it comes to businesses, the Internet of Things is really coming together with the connection of people, sensors, and machines of all kinds. The information that these IoT devices gather isn't worth anything, unless one has the right infrastructure to evaluate them. Arming you with complete and sophisticated solutions is SHLOKLABS.

Trusted solutions customized to meet your business needs.

Transform your business by analysing data untapped till now.

Application Development Services

Adapting to the changing market ecosystem and staying abreast with technology is crucial for the survival of any organization.

With SHLOKLABS you can automate your business needs and maximize the RoI.

Often, organizations look for technology that can help them optimize their business in addition to just smooth functioning. An off-the-shelf product may not fulfill your specific business needs, or the product may not be flexible enough or may not have all the features you are looking for. In this scenario customized application development is the only way out. Partnering with SHLOKLABS ensures solutions that are custom built to you exact business needs, and solutions that are robust, secure and scalable.

A 10+ years of experience in .Net technology helps us develop optimal applications on the solid foundation of Microsoft .NET platform.

Rich expertise in Silverlight technologies has enabled us to deliver numerous ASP.NET, RIA and Silverlight projects the world over.

With SharePoint integration we transcend the limits of programming to offer you robust solutions that are secure and easy to use.

Migration Services

For corporations to succeed it′s essential for them to take advantage of the latest in technology.

SHLOKLABS helps you sunset the old and migrate to the latest in technology.

Technology changes by the day. To keep abreast with these changes or if business demands new and improved capabilities, migration becomes the need of the hour. But migrations may present various uncertainties. Helping you overcome these uncertainties by enabling a smooth transition is SHLOKLABS. Our solutions are end to end and customized to meet the exact requirements of the client. With a long and successful standing in the industry, our expertise lies in the migration of VB, ASP and SYBASE to .Net technologies.

A strong reputation in Microsoft Technologies has equipped us to migrate VB6 to .Net applications.

Top-of-the line solutions with the best Asp.Net migration techniques.

Successful track record in migrating clients from obsolete technology to newer platforms.


SHLOKLABS guarantees that every Product Supplied or Service Extended by SHLOKLABS will meet its specified purpose and create value for Customer.

Quality Delivery

Quality Policy

Quality Guarantee

Quality Standard

Quality Delivery

In Technology where secrets are boundless, where innovations and inventions go by the minute, quality is more than a process to be adapted or a system to be established, it is the continuous drive to invent, innovate, excel and establish and it is this continuous drive that differentiates us and puts us ahead.

Quality Policy

SHLOKLABS provides high quality software products & services to its customers across the globe by continuously improving its quality system built upon professional ethics, innovation & customer focus.

  • The client has the right to receive his project in the scheduled time and budget
  • The client has the right to know at any stage, the project status clearly and confidently
  • The client has the right to set objectives for the project, and decide which features are in and out of the project

Quality Guarantee

SHLOKLABS guarantees that every Product supplied or Service extended by SHLOKLABS will meet its specified purpose and create value for the customer.

Quality Standard

SHLOKLABS being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company believes that, achieving globally approved standards, will enable us continuously enhance our services to the client. At SHLOKLABS we adapt our process cycles to the definitions of proven industry standards, and we have set our goal to be a certified CMMi level 3 company by the end of 2016.


Besides the systems and quality standards adapted, the most obvious factor representing quality in a technology company would be technology itself. We follow efficient systems and processes which keep us updated and always ready to deliver to the market solutions with the latest technologies. At SHLOKLABS we accompany any new product or technology release, with an analysis by a related team, which would analyze its features, possible areas of application and its impact on existing technologies and solutions and define a future course of action. The team at SHLOKLABS keeps up-to-date with the latest technology available in the industry by constant and efficient training systems apt to produce value-based deliverable products and services.

Our Quality Process Cycle

We focus on continuous improvement in process-cycles, thus enhancing them and reducing the cycle times. Every process cycle from Human Resource Management, Customer Acquisition to requirement analysis, feasibility tests, Testing, Implementation and delivery is continuously measured for its performance and has continuously evolved over a period of time.