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A Sample Business Intelligence (BI) Scenario upon a database of 80 Million+ Records

Big Data

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We have prepared a business scenario on a sample database of 80 Million+ Records, so that you can really experience the power of Big Data.

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We can talk about Big Data, because now we master the technology that allows us to extract trends from giant data sets. With today's software solutions we can find things that remain invisible when we look at 100 people or 1,000 people but then become evident when we look at millions of people or millions of data sets.

At SHLOKLABS we have the right tools to "navigate" the data gathered from the various operational processes in a company. Having this insight analysis helps change the recognized data patterns and opens the door to better decisions, and future growth.

We can do a similar BI tool for your business

Infrastructure & Related Technologies

  • The Hadoop environment consists of 1 Name Node and 2 Data Nodes with all default essentials namely HDFS, HBase, MapReduce in place. In addition we have used Elastic Search for real-time data retrieval
  • Data of 80 million+ records sits on the HBASE, a MAPREDUCE program is used to push Data from the HBASE --> Elastic Search at periodic intervals.
  • UI Layer developed in Microsoft.NET technologies interacts with Elastic Search to pull in data in real-time and publish them in dashboards





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