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While the volume of data is growing by leaps and bounds, the processing tools are not catching up. Adding to the pain is the unstructured data present in various formats, e-mails, audio and video files, web content, machine-generated data... The list is endless. The Big data processing offers solutions to all these bottlenecks by storing and processing heavy loads of data to your satisfaction.

Traditionally, we were driven to chose from a solution in the same range / manufacturer of our ERP information system. Traditionally, they were the only option he had. Tradition gave us big Projects, with lot of people involved, in most part consultants, with expensive Hardware infrastructure and Solution licensing. After a lot of time and money invested, we got some results, and the lack of will to adjust to the ever-changing business requirements. Tradition is not like it used to...
Different times, different data sources, different software technologies, we need a different approach.

Business Intelligence

Conventional Approach

Hadoop Approach


Usually 100K +

4K -5K
(3 Commodity Machines)

Tool Licensing


Open Source

Development Time

Case by case but usually similar

Development Resource Availability

Usually Limited
Resources with skills in specific
BI tools are usually limited

More Easily Available
Resources More easily available because Hadoop is a larger platform

Development Resource cost

Usually Expensive
depends on specific BI tool

Usually Less Expensive
than many BI tools

Can I see something working before I invest fully ?

May be

A POC (Proof of Concept) can be
build quickly for your scenario

Overall Investment


Very much Affordable
"Value for Money"

(The above comparison table has been generically arived based on the live sample of
Business Intelligence (BI) Scenario upon a database of 80 Million+ Records)

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